Recaps for the week of July 22 - 26

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Thorsten Kaye stars in "The Bold and the Beautiful"

Thorsten Kaye stars in "The Bold and the Beautiful"

The Bold and the Beautiful

Hope is conflicted and must decide whether or not to marry Thomas after Phoebe interrupts the wedding. Flo is upset and begins to drink. When the ceremony is over, Thomas asserts that he is Hope's husband now, and Liam will have to live with it. A drunk Flo has a conversation with Thomas that Liam overhears. He tells Wyatt about the conversation and the secret that's been kept from Hope, and he begs his brother to help him find out what they're hiding. Flo tells Shauna about Thomas's threat. Wyatt reassures Flo. Thomas tries to get Douglas to help him convince Hope to sleep in his room instead of Douglas's. Liam tries to get information about Flo from Steffy. When Flo lets something slip, Wyatt asks Liam to confirm that Flo is hiding something. Hope has a hard time coming to terms with being married to Thomas, and she reflects on her feelings for Beth and Liam. Steffy catches Liam looking for Phoebe's adoption papers. Thomas upsets Hope when he tells her he's made honeymoon plans, and she asks him who will care for Douglas. Steffy admits that Taylor introduced her to Flo, and Liam calls the hospital where Flo had her baby. Douglas is scared when Thomas flies into a rage. Flo offers Hope a warning. Thomas is annoyed that Douglas likes Liam, and Douglas asks Steffy about Phoebe's name. Flo tells Zoe about Thomas's threat.

Days of Our Lives

Susan is surprised when she runs into a familiar face. Kate attacks Sarah by accident, and Gabi gives Stefan upsetting news. Xander gets Kristen to beg. Lani asks Ted about his inconsistent statement, and Stefan tries to negotiate with Kate. Susan holds Kristen at gunpoint. Xander decides to break ties with Kristen. Eve surprises Jack when she supports him taking the serum. Jennifer plans to move on, and Haley has upsetting visions of Claire. Rex fights with Xander over Sarah. Stefan and Gabi try to work out a plan to deal with Nicole. Jack surprises JJ. Eve goes to extremes in an effort to stop Jack from remembering. Tripp tries to help Haley, and Eve is caught in an act of betrayal. Stefan is shocked by Gabi's plan for Nicole.

General Hospital

Jax has a lot of questions. Valentin runs into Ava. Curtis gets involved. Lucy and Sasha meet, and Finn's interest is piqued. Hayden tells Curtis she's sorry. Sonny runs into Robert to make a point. Jason visits Carly, and Cameron betrays someone while doing community service. Carly and Jax run into one another. Nina gives some bad news, and Ava seeks out a second opinion. Nelle makes a vague statement with major implications. Willow has a change of heart, and Michael tells Sasha the truth.

The Young and the Restless

Phyllis agrees to help Abby with the lounge for her new hotel, and recruits Theo to help too. Summer lets Theo know that she doesn't like the idea of the partnership, but Theo is too interested in the proposition to abandon it. Abby and Nate celebrate the deal with a group dinner, and everyone toasts their success. Jack and Ashley get home from Paris and tell everyone they've called a truce. Tracy is happy about the reunion, but Billy can't bring himself to trust Ashley. Kyle learns that Summer and Theo have been getting close, and he steps in to warn Summer, buts he brushes him off. Lola and Theo meet in secret, and she asks him for information about Kyle's party days. What Theo tells her makes her nervous, but he insists that she ask Kyle herself if she wants to know more. Kevin decides to frame Adam for blackmail, but Michael catches him. Phyllis tells Adam that someone is investigating his relationship with Chance.