Late Laughs for the week of May 22 - 28

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

This weekend [April 16-17] we learned that Florida rejected 41% of new math textbooks. At least, they think it's 41%. For some reason they suck at math.   Not everyone is being so quick to go full-frontal face, because the MTA in New York City said it would keep its mask mandate in place. So, if you're riding the subway, remember: Masks are mandatory. Pants, still optional.   If this [French President Emmanuel Macron's latest photo] works, it'll set a whole new standard for campaigns everywhere. Biden's got to show a little sock garter for the mid-terms, Boris Johnson has to give us a peek under the haystack, and Justin Trudeau has to show us his butt. He's not up for re-election; it would just be a treat.