Recaps for the week of April 20 - 24

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Heather Tom from "The Bold and the Beautiful"

Heather Tom from "The Bold and the Beautiful"

The Bold and the Beautiful

Sally pretends she understands why Flo and Wyatt want her to move out, but behind that reasonable facade is white hot rage that she feels for Flo. Flo, meanwhile is shocked at what she's found on Penny's computer, and tries to process this new information about Sally. Quinn and Katie bond over their sadness, and Wyatt tells them about how guilty he feels. Sally tries to butter Flo up, not realizing what Flo now knows about her. Flo plays a trick on Sally. Katie doesn't think Wyatt should have asked Sally to move out, and when she suggests that Sally may not like Flo, Wyatt scoffs, but Quinn agrees. Wyatt is surprised that Quinn would take Katie's side. Flo and Sally play their little game for a while, but ultimately, Flo tells Sally that she knows the truth. Sally admits everything to Flo, who is totally shocked to hear it. Sally tries to blame Flo, but Flo refuses to play that game. Wyatt turns to Bill to help him work through his feelings. When Flo begins to call Wyatt, Sally is afraid. Dr. Escobar's sudden appearance changes everything. Wyatt and Bill bond and share their regrets about their choices, and Donna asks Katie to help her and Brooke. Bill tells Katie he's sorry, but she's not ready to forgive yet. Sally takes advantage of Wyatt. Penny and Sally disagree about what to do with an unconscious Flo.

Days of Our Lives

Steve makes a decision about Kayla, and it's a surprising one. Orpheus visits Marlena. Rafe is shocked when he finds out that Zoey is suing for custody of David. Jennifer gets comfort from Jack, as she's unnerved about Orpheus being on the loose. Steve and Hope bond over their troubles. Gabi steps up against Chad. Kayla lets Justin know what her decision is. Kate tries to get a job with Abe. Brady, Eric, Kristen and Nicole all wait to hear about Sarah and the baby. Abigail and Chad disagree about Sarah and Kristen's situation. Xander is chewed out by Victor for letting the truth leak. Gabi tries to land the CEO position at DiMera. Gabi sees a face that shocks her. Li Shin makes a decision. Victor is attacked. Sarah and Rachel hide out together in Paris. Chad and Abigail celebrate. Victor is rushed to the hospital. On the phone, Xander pleads with Sarah, and offers his help.

General Hospital

Sonny is taken by surprise. Michael doesn't want to leave Wiley. Robert shares some upsetting news. Sonny doesn't make it to his meeting with Cyrus. Julian gets some unwelcome attention. Valentin is thrown off. Willow is distraught. Nina uncovers more about Nelle, and Sam apologizes to Alexis. Sonny talks to Jason. Sam gets on Brando's bad side, and Jordan thinks about quitting completely.

The Young and the Restless

At Society, Abby and Chance are confronted by Phyllis, who reveals that she knows about them breaking into her safety deposit box and stealing the flash drive. She tells them that her plan was to give the flash drive to Nick in an effort to stop Adam from going after Victor and Victoria. Chance tells Abby that he destroyed the drive, and she floats the idea of recording another conversation with Adam, and get him to talk about what happened in Vegas. But, since Adam saved his life, Chance is reluctant to betray Adam like that. Traci and Jack make a commitment to one another that they will care for themselves as well as Dina, and Traci spends a rejuvenating evening at the Grand Phoenix. Rey plans a night out with Sharon to try and keep her from hearing about what's going on with Adam. Sharon, however, reveals that she already knows, but tries to focus less on the drama and more on her health. Nick arrives at the ranch to confront Victor about Adam. Victor will not reval his plans, so Nick asks him to confide in Nikki instead. Victor eventually tells Nikki what happened in Kansas, and she vows to help him through it. Chelsea throws Chloe's baby shower, and Kevin and Chloe reflect on how much their lives have changed.