Fivel Stewart stars in "Umma"

New Releases for the week of May 22 - 28


Amanda (Oh) and her daughter Chris (Stewart) live alone on a farm, where they quietly raise bees and chickens. One day, Amanda's uncle visits from Korea, bringing with him a suitcase containing the remains of Amanda's mother, Umma. Not long after he leaves the suitcase in her care, strange and disturbing things begin happening around the farm. To protect herself and he...

Alana Haim in "Licorice Pizza"

New Releases for the week of May 15 - 22

Licorice Pizza

When awkward high school student and budding film star Gary Valentine (Hoffman) falls head over heels in love with a young photographer's assistant named Alana (Haim), the pair embarks on an adventure filled with embarrassment, friendship, opportunities and heartbreak while navigating the perilous nature of growing into adulthood. Set in California during the...

Tom Holland stars in "Uncharted"

New Releases for the week of May 8 - 14


Nate (Holland), a bartender, pickpocket and aspiring Indiana Jones, is enlisted by treasure hunter Victor "Sully" Sullivan (Wahlberg) to help him steal the fabled treasure of explorer Ferdinand Magellan. In possession of the stolen diary of the explorer Juan Sebastián Elcano to help guide them, Nate and Sully connect with Sully's contact, Chloe Frazer (Ali), in B...