Jane Seymour to star in “A Christmas Spark”

Lifetime event: 'Dr. Quinn' co-stars reuniting for new holiday movie

Jane Seymour to star in “A Christmas Spark”
Sparks Fly: A "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman" reunion? Not quite. More than two decades after the wildly popular frontier drama ended its run (1993-1998) on CBS, the series' star couple — or rather the actors who played the two characters — is reuniting for a new Lifetime holiday...

Jacob Anderson in “Interview with the Vampire”

TV 'With the Vampire': Anne Rice classic makes its way to AMC

Jacob Anderson and Kalyne Coleman in “Interview with the Vampire”
While vampires, true to their nature, never really died off in popular culture, TV and film trends as of late point to somewhat of a resurgence of the genre. Though this can perhaps be linked to feelings of uncertainty and viral infection amid the pandemic, A...

Marcia Gay Harden stars in "So Help Me Todd"

Mother knows best: Successful attorney hires bumbling son in 'So Help Me Todd'

Marcia Gay Harden and Andrea Brooks in "So Help Me Todd"
While plenty of family businesses thrive, working with your loved ones can be, well, challenging at times. However, a disgraced private investigator has no choice but to take a job at his mother’s law firm in a new lighthearted CBS drama featuring an Academy Award winne...