Recaps for the week of December 10 - 14

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Darin Brooks stars in "The Bold and the Beautiful"

Darin Brooks stars in "The Bold and the Beautiful"

The Bold and the Beautiful

Zoe is concerned about Reese's infatuation with Taylor and she expresses her feelings on the situation to Xander. Liam and Steffy argue about whether or not Taylor is fit to be alone with their baby. Taylor lets loose about Brooke to Reese, and he shows his support with a kiss. Steffy is anxious and feels that everyone in her life is against her mother. Brooke and Hope don't agree about whether or not they should tell Katie and Donna about Taylor. Zoe and Xander try to share an intimate moment, but they are interrupted by Tiffany and then Reese. Brooke is upset to find Taylor alone with Kelly, and she's not happy about her new living arrangement either. Steffy shares memories with Taylor about Phoebe, and explains how her sister plays into her current relationship with Hope. Wyatt and Sally do yoga together and discuss using the word "love" in regards to their relationship. Things get out of hand when Liam gets caught in the middle of an argument between Hope and Steffy.

Days of Our Lives

Ted informs Rafe that he and Hope are having an affair. Julia tries to talk to Ciara about her relationship with Ben. Abigail and Gabi play cat and mouse. Abigail pleads with Julie to help her and she agrees to help expose Gabi. Julie shares memories about her return to Salem 50 years ago. Lucas says his goodbyes to family and friends. Eli and Lani announce to his family that they are a couple. Sonny and Will try their best to stop Leo's attempt at blackmail. Sheila officiates the ceremony as Sonny and Leo's wedding begins. Justin delivers a letter to Chloe that contains stunning news. Sarah continues to help Eric get custody of Holly. Chloe tells Maggie the news in Nicole's letter. Eric is excited to raise Holly, and he shares the joy with Sarah. The wedding between Sonny and Leo is quickly interrupted. Maggie changes her mind about Holly. Kayla tells Tripp the truth about Steve. Abigail breaks into Kayla's office to find proof of Gabi's misdeeds, while Julie sneaks into Gabi's bedroom for the same reason.

General Hospital

Ava faces a difficult time. Julian does his best to smooth things over. Carly visits Morgan's grave. Laura catches Sonny up. Nina is disappointed. Anna looks forward to the future. Ava gets a surprise visitor. Nina thinks about giving Valentin a second chance. Kim gives Oscar some space. Cameron goes to see Julian. Sonny and Oscar have a heartfelt conversation. Laura confides in Lulu. Nina finally comes to a decision.

The Young and the Restless

Nikki feels safe when she returns home, but the feeling is cut short when she finds JT's bloody clothes laid out on her bed. Nikki visits Victoria to discuss the situation, but they are interrupted by Reed, who has come home for the holidays and is determined to find out who killed his father. Billy goes to see Victoria, and he expresses concern about the anger and pain he sees in Reed. Reed tries to seek comfort in his friendships with Charlie and Mattie, but Cane makes it known that he disapproves of their connection. Reed assumes Victor is the guilty one, and he accuses Victoria of keeping secrets from him. Nikki tries to befriend Mia by setting up a makeup consultation with her. Mia eagerly plays this to her advantage, seeing that Nikki can offer her social advancement. Abby at first turns to Nick to join her project as a consultant, but he is unable to agree, so she goes to Devon next. While Abby is on her way to meet Devon, she spots Lola at the new pop-up shop she opened at the coffeehouse and she comes up with another idea.