Late Laughs for the week of November 18 - 24, 2018

Jimmy Kimmel Live

Anthony Scaramucci had a new book called "Trump: The Blue-Collar President." Yeah -- nothing screams "blue collar" like the old regular Joe who has his name written in gold on skyscrapers and takes a full-sized private jet to play golf every weekend.   While things are unpleasant here on planet Earth, President Trump says there's a "good chance" the Space Force could be up and running sometime next year. That's right, that's right. If all goes according to plan, Donald Trump will have created the first-ever branch of the military that is completely imaginary.   The Space Force is expected to cost many billions of dollars. But don't worry about that -- Donald Trump has a plan to make the Vulcans pay for it and that should be fine. &nb...