Late Laughs for the week of August 1 - 7

The Late Late Show with James Corden

According to a new survey, one in four workers has plans to start looking for a new job once the pandemic ends. It does make sense. Once your boss has heard you using the bathroom during a Zoom meeting, you can't go back there.   A single parking space in a luxury Hong Kong apartment building recently sold for a new world record amount. It sold for $1.5 million, which breaks down to more than $11,000 per square foot. I'd love it if they bought that for $1.5 million and they just parked a 1998 Honda Odyssey. One point five million dollars for a parking space; to which people in L.A. were like, "Oh my God! You found parking?! Where?"   According to a new study, 68% of pet owners say that their pet makes the final deci...