Late Laughs for the week of Febrary 10 - 16, 2019

Jimmy Kimmel Live

Donald Trump has not been able to play a round of golf in 52 days. The only time the president gets to yell "fore" now is when he tells his staff how many Whoppers he wants for lunch.   Karen Pence has taken a part-time job at as an art teacher at a school that bans gay and lesbian teachers and students. For real. The school is called "Immanuel Christian School." The school agreement explicitly states it will refuse admission to students who participate in or condone what they call "homosexual behavior." It's like a Slytherin-only Hogwarts.  

The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon

TSA agents aren't getting paid, and one of them said that morale is approaching "rock bottom." You can tell TSA agents are depressed, 'c...