Late Laughs for the week of April 9 - April 15

Jimmy Kimmel Live!

According to the FBI, Americans lost $10.3 billion on internet scams last year, and that doesn't even count those Trump digital trading cards. There are all kinds of scams going on. One guy — this is a crazy story — spent all his money on what he thought was a thriving online business. Turned out to be Twitter; his name was Elon Musk.   Today [Mar. 15] marks three years since the first COVID lockdown. It was three years ago. Remember we were elbow-bumping and working the ATM with our feet? Well, I guess it's gone because President Biden is now in Las Vegas, of all places. He had a busy schedule today. He met with Democrats to discuss the Inflation Reduction Act, he gave a speech at UNLV about prescription drug prices, and tonight, he's ...