Q: What kind of prize do the pros get if they win "Dancing With the Stars"?

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Adam Thomlison / TV Media

The compensation for professional dancing partners on ABC's long-running competition "Dancing With the Stars" is a well-kept secret — neither the network nor producers have ever given a number — but it seems like the answer is: not a lot (and it's definitely less than their celebrity partners get).

But when it comes to the prize money at the end of the season, for once the pros and celebs get the exact same thing: nothing.

Numerous reports say that the show pays per episode, presumably to encourage competitiveness — the longer you stay on, the more you earn. This is true for both the celebs and the pros, but this rigid pay-per-episode rule means that the runners-up earn the same as the winners.

As for what the pros earn in general, reports say that it starts at $1,600 per episode, but some of the more popular, long-standing pros have negotiated that up to $5,200 per episode (again this is just rumor — the show has never confirmed these numbers).

Just like with the stars, much of the appeal of being on the show seems to be gaining exposure and furthering your brand. The pros have their own side gigs during the off-season — dance studios, choreography jobs and so on — that benefit from their TV fame.


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