Q: Has Mia Farrow ever won an Oscar?

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Adam Thomlison / TV Media

The snub goes deeper than that. Not only has she never won, she hasn't even been nominated.

Despite being considered one of the great screen stars of the '60s and '70s, and having appeared in a number of highly regarded, very serious pieces of cinema, Mia Farrow ("Rosemary's Baby," 1968; "The Great Gatsby," 1974) has never been nominated for acting's biggest prize. 

Instead, she's had to settle for a bunch of lesser awards. For example, she won a Golden Globe (arguably acting's second-biggest prize) for best newcomer for "Guns at Batasi" (1964), and a handful of best-actress awards from film festivals around the world.  

You could argue that she instead spent her career making the people she worked with look good. 

"Rosemary's Baby," her most celebrated film by far, was nominated for a couple of other Oscars. And her former husband, Woody Allen ("Hannah and Her Sisters," 1986), was nominated for a whopping 10 Oscars for films he and Farrow did together. She was widely referred to as his "muse" at the time he was doing some of his best work. 

It may not be too late for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (the body that gives out the Oscars) to correct their mistake. Farrow hasn't done a film in a while, but she's still acting. She most recently appeared on the small screen, in the Netflix horror series "The Watcher" in 2022.

Her last film was the oddball 2011 dramedy "Dark Horse," which again was nominated for a handful of awards, but none for Farrow. 


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