Q: We just discovered the Jesse Stone movies and we love them! Are any more going to come out?

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Adam Thomlison / TV Media

There is another Jesse Stone movie in the works — it has a title, a pair of writers, a network and very little else at the moment.

The last two bits are somewhat old news. In 2015, a while after CBS decided to stop making Jesse Stone movies, Hallmark picked it up, announcing a deal to release at least two new ones on its Hallmark Movies and Mysteries channel. That channel had already been rerunning the heck out of the CBS movies, so producing new ones seemed to make perfect sense.

Hallmark acted pretty quickly, releasing "Jesse Stone: Lost in Paradise" in October 2015. And that was the last we heard of the troubled Massachusetts sleuth — until recently, that is.

In an interview with venerable mystery magazine The Strand late last year, Michael Brandman, who co-wrote all of the movies so far, said he and star Tom Selleck ("Blue Bloods") are hard at work on the second film in the Hallmark deal. He also, in passing, announced the title: "Collateral Damage."

That means that, like the last one, this one won't be based on a novel. However, after Stone author Robert B. Parker died, Brandman got the blessing of his estate to continue writing Stone novels, so we know he has a handle on the character.

Of course, it helps that Selleck is once again co-writing this one — after nine films in the role, it's safe to say he has a handle on the man as well.

Brandman was careful to not reveal any plot details in his Strand interview, but he did concede that the pandemic has slowed down production. So, as a result, there isn't even a tentative release date yet.


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