Q: My whole family loves "The Vampires Diaries," and we would love more episodes. We just finished season 8. Can you tell us if any more are coming out?

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Adam Thomlison / TV Media

Alas, no, "The Vampire Diaries" are closed for good.

The good news is the show's universe has expanded quite a bit from there. In fact, there's a new spinoff (the show's second) airing episodes as we speak.

"Legacies" features some characters from "The Vampire Diaries," particularly the Saltzman family -- Alaric, Josie and Lizzie -- so you'll feel right at home with the new show.

It also picks up directly where "The Vampire Diaries" ended (well, part of where it ended -- there was a lot going on in that finale), with the founding of a boarding school for supernatural children.

While you won't be getting any more "Vampire Diaries," the outlook is good for "Legacies." It's still in its freshman season, but that was already extended by CW, and while it hasn't yet been renewed for a second, the extension is a pretty big show of support.

Its ratings haven't been amazing -- it's drawing 1.1 million viewers per episode, which puts it seventh out of the CW's 12 original shows this season -- but given the show's pedigree and built-in audience, that's likely good enough to earn a pickup.

In the meantime, you can also go back and watch the other spinoff, "The Originals." That series also borrowed a number of "Vampire Diaries" characters for a series that ran five seasons on the CW, ending last year.


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