Q: I remember seeing a documentary about the women from the songs "Peggy Sue" and "Donna." How would I see it again? 

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Adam Thomlison / TV Media

It depends a little bit on which one you mean, but regardless, you're going to have to settle for lower-quality online versions. 

The stories of Peggy Sue Gerron (famous for inspiring Buddy Holly's hit "Peggy Sue") and Donna Ludwig Fox (who inspired Ritchie Valens' "Donna") were told on film a few times, but you're most likely looking for one of two European documentaries: an episode of the BBC series "Arena" called "Tales of Rock 'n' Roll: Peggy Sue" (which also talks about Donna, by the way), or a feature-length doc called "Girls in Popsongs" produced for the French-German public broadcasting channel Arte TV, which talks about them and a lot of other inspirational ladies. 

Both can be found on free online video-streaming platforms — I found them on YouTube and Vimeo, but others are available. It's not as good as finding them on TV, or on one of the pay streamers like Netflix or Hulu — particularly because the quality is generally lower on the free ones — but you're in a bit of a beggars-can't-be-choosers position here. 

Three factors may have put you there: One is that they're old releases — "Girls in Popsongs" aired in 2011, and the "Arena" episode aired even farther back, in 1993. The second factor is that they're documentaries, which TV channels and pay streamers don't tend to carry as many of — especially if they're old. Thirdly is, of course, that they're European — you'd stand a better chance of coming across these on the other side of the Atlantic. 

There's one other video you might be thinking of, but it's less likely just because it'd be a stretch to call it a "documentary." In the early '00s, ABC News did a news segment called "That's My Song: Meet the Real Peggy Sue and Donna." It's specifically about the two people you mention, but the whole thing's only eight minutes long. 

Regardless, you're in the same position: I could only find this one on YouTube. 


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