Q: I love the theme to "The Big Bang Theory." Does that band do any other theme songs?

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Adam Thomlison / TV Media

Fan-favorite Canadian pop band Barenaked Ladies has appeared on countless TV and film soundtracks over the years, but usually just for the single use of hits from it large catalogue. "The Big Bang Theory" theme song is the main exception — it wrote an original tune specifically for the show — but it's not the only one. And the other example is a lot less fun.

The band is best known for lighthearted and slightly goofy songs, which made it a great fit for "The Big Bang Theory," but the band has always had a way of sneaking sadder, more serious songs onto its albums.

One such song, "What a Good Boy," was used to promote the A&E reality show "Intervention," about addicts getting help from their loved ones. A&E used it in early ads promoting the show.

It's easy to see the thematic connections between song and show: "Intervention" is about people struggling under pressure at particular moments in their lives and getting help from those who knew them before and who want to help them get back to a better place.

"What a Good Boy" is also about pressure, and about taking a longer view of life (it's also more specifically about pushing back against gender roles, which is less connected).

The tear-jerking ballad is a long way from the fast-paced bops the band is known for — singer and lyricist Steven Page called it an "obscure ballad" in the liner notes to a greatest hits collection. But the fact that it appeared in the promos for a major TV series — let alone on a greatest hits collection — shows that the band deserves to be known for more than its wackiness.


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