Q: On "House M.D.," Jesse Spencer had an accent, but on "Chicago Fire" he doesn't. Which one is right?

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Adam Thomlison / TV Media

Unlike the show's titular star, Jesse Spencer was not faking his accent on "House M.D."

Australian actor Spencer was playing an Australian-born doctor on the long-running Fox medical drama that starred Hugh Laurie (now of HBO's "Avenue 5"), an English actor playing an American doctor.

Perhaps inspired by Laurie's success in masking his heritage, Spencer later put on an American accent in "Chicago Fire" — and, as your question proves, he did a pretty good job.

I say he "did" a pretty good job because, as fans know, his character was written off the show back in October (though — spoiler alert — he reappeared in the recent Season 10 finale and has teased the possibility of another return).

It seems that he needed a break from all the hard Rs and Ts of the American accent, though: His first post-"Chicago Fire" role is back home in Australia on the new dramedy miniseries "Last Days of the Space Age."


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