Q: Has Vincent D'Onofrio done any voice work?

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Adam Thomlison / TV Media

He hasn't done much voice work, but unsurprisingly, given the rest of his career, what he's done has been unconventional. No big Pixar productions or Disney prince roles for actor's actor Vincent D'Onofrio.

The biggest chunk of D'Onofrio's voice-acting has been in video games -- a realm that is somewhat looked down upon in the business. He's done three so far, including the video game adaptation of his most famous on-screen project, "Law & Order: Criminal Intent" (because there's a video game version of everything these days).

His other favored voice-work genre has been documentaries. Most notably, he narrated 2012's "Heroes Behind the Badge," a doc about police officers and the sacrifices they make, before returning for the sequel, "Heroes Behind the Badge: Sacrifice & Survival," the following year.

Aside from his "Law & Order" role, D'Onofrio is best known for playing compelling villains, and he let that seep into his documentary work when he voiced "ruthless" urban planner Robert Moses in 2016's "Citizen Jane: Battle for the City," a film about New York urban activist Jane Jacobs (voiced by "My Cousin Vinny's" [1992] Marisa Tomei).

In terms of cinematic voice work, his only experience is typically weird for D'Onofrio -- he did an uncredited voice role in the 2010 horror musical "Don't Go Into the Woods," which he also directed and co-wrote.

And, of course, you know you've really arrived as a star when you're asked to play yourself in a grown-up cartoon -- D'Onofrio got the chance in a 2017 episode of Netflix's "Bojack Horseman."


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