Q: Are they ever going to make a sequel to "Gods of Egypt"? It looked like it was poised to be a series.

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Adam Thomlison / TV Media

A "Gods of Egypt" (2016) series may have been the plan at the beginning, but audiences didn't co-operate.

The film was, quite simply, a flop. In fact, it was one of the biggest bombs of the year (and that's in a year that also boasted the disastrous "Ben-Hur" remake you probably forgot about).

"Gods of Egypt" made roughly $150 million at the box office — which is a lot of money — but it cost nearly as much to make, which qualifies it as a flop.

It fared even worse among critics, if you can believe it. It was nominated for a whopping five Golden Raspberry Awards (affectionately known as the Razzies), with nods in all the big categories, including Worst Picture, Worst Director and Worst Screenplay.

All that is pretty tough to come back from for a movie, especially one with a budget as high as this one.

The only good news here is that the people behind "Gods of Egypt" all seem to have survived the debacle, so you can watch their subsequent work in lieu of a sequel if you want.

Director Alex Proyas has a new movie in the works: the lower-budget horror flick "Sister Darkness," due out late next year. Lead actor Brenton Thwaites, meanwhile, has been starring in the HBO Max series "Titans" since 2018, and screenwriters Burk Sharpless and Matt Sazama have penned two somewhat successful films since "Egypt" — 2017's "Power Rangers" and 2022's "Morbius."


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