Q: Any news on "The Last Kingdom"? I keep hearing it's been renewed for a third season but when is it supposed to air?

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Adam Thomlison / TV Media

A: There's been a lot of speculation saying "The Last Kingdom" will be back in the fall, but it really is just speculation at this point. This show is well-represented on social media and thus has loads of opportunity to put out an official return date to keep the buzz going. The fact that it hasn't done so yet means it hasn't committed to one.

That said, fall does look likely. The closest thing we've seen to an official date came when Netflix announced it was taking over production of the show from the BBC, at which time (last April) it said it would be back "later this year." And the fall constitutes the bulk of what's left of "later this year." That's about as precise as we can be at this point. 

At least it's a little easier to be patient now that we know for sure it's coming back. It looked dicey for a while there -- Netflix had to step in as co-producer for the second season after BBC America dropped out, and then the second season had nearly finished airing before there was any word of a renewal (at which point the original BBC dropped out).

It almost seems as if the producers are eager to provide more of this sort of comfort, or else they're as aware as you are of how long fans have been waiting. They've shared a lot of photography from the set while filming the new season, including a photo from the last day of filming (May 11) accompanied by the caption, "And that's a wrap!"

But even then they were trying to curb fans' excitement, pointing out that "there's still much to do before season 3 hits our screens!"


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