Zachary Levi in a scene from "Shazam!"

New releases for the week of July 14 - 20


After saving his friend from bullies and being deemed pure of heart, streetwise foster kid Billy Batson (Angel) is selected by the ancient wizard Shazam (Hounsou) to be endowed with a very special power. By calling the wizard's name, Billy is transformed into a full-grown superhero (Levi), complete with super strength, speed, intellect and flight, plus the ability t...

Jeffrey Wright stars in "The Public"

New Releases for the week of June 30 - July 6

The Public

Emilio Estevez wrote and directed this film about a group of homeless men and women who refuse to leave a Cincinnati library in protest of the city's lack of adequate emergency shelters. He also stars as Stuart Goodson, a librarian caught between his homeless patrons and the cops outside the library doors, a simple but good man who strives to help the demonstrato...

Danny DeVito and Colin Farrell in "Dumbo"

New Releases for the week of June 23 - 29


When the horses are sold as a cost-saving measure, equestrian performer Holt Farrier (Farrell) is tasked with caring for the circus's newborn elephant. Upon discovering that the infant elephant has massive ears, his boss, Max Medici (DeVito), instructs him to keep the ears hidden from circus customers. However, the ears come free during the little elephant's first per...