New Releases for the week of April 11 - 17

Willy's Wonderland

After becoming stranded in a remote area of Nevada, a soft-spoken transient finds himself working off the debt of his car repair as a night janitor at an entertainment complex called Willy’s Wonderland. Beginning his cleaning duties for the evening, The Janitor (Cage) finds himself locked inside Willy’s Wonderland overnight with the frightening and di...

New Releases for the week of April 4 - 10

Shadow in the Cloud

Set in the summer of 1943, flight officer Maude Garrett (Moretz) boards an Allied bomber plane departing from New Zealand to Samoa. Although greeted in the quarters by demeaning comments from the likes of macho co-pilots John (Mulvey) and Anton (Koale), Maude's morale never wavers. She is focused solely on the mission she's been assigned: transport a cru...

New Releases for the week of March 28 - April 3

Wonder Woman 1984

It's 1984 and Diana Prince, aka Wonder Woman (Gadot), is keeping a low profile as an archeologist at the Smithsonian museum, occasionally going out to fight crime undercover. When she and her mousey colleague, Barbara Minerva (Wiig), identify a mysterious yellow gemstone that grants the holder one wish, Barbara gives in to her envious desire and wishes to ...