Ryan Gosling stars in "First Man"

New Releases for the week of Jan. 20 - 26

First Man

A NASA test pilot struggles to balance his personal and professional lives in this film based on the true story of an American hero. Not long after losing a child to cancer, Neil Armstrong (Gosling) is selected to become an astronaut, and he begins training for the mission that will eventually land him on the moon. But at home, his wife, Janet (Foy), struggles to ...

Jamie Lee Curtis as seen in "Halloween"

New Releases for the week of Jan. 13 - 19


The brutal Michael Myers (Courtney) returns on Halloween to continue his homicidal rampage. For Laurie Strode (Curtis), the one woman who survived his original killing spree in the 1970s, his return is far from unexpected. She's spent decades learning self-defence and training with weapons in anticipation of Myers' inevitable return, but her obsession has damaged ...

New Releases for the week of Dec. 30 - Jan. 5

Night School

Teddy (Hart) has been living a lie for years: he has convinced his wealthy girlfriend, Lisa (Echikunwoke), that he's doing very well financially, when in reality, the high school dropout struggles to make ends meet. After he causes an unfortunate accident that results in him losing his job, he realizes that he needs to earn a GED to open up more employment oppo...