A scene from "Trolls World Tour"

New Releases for the week of July 5 - 11

Trolls World Tour

After learning that they are only one of six musical Troll tribes scattered across six different lands, Queen Poppy of the Pop Trolls (Kendrick) and Branch (Timberlake) learn from Poppy's father, King Peppy (Dohrn), that each tribe -- Pop, Funk, Classical, Techno, Country and Rock -- possesses a magical string that is the source of all the tribe's powers. ...

Mel Gibson in "Force of Nature"

New Releases for the week of June 28 - July 4

Force of Nature

When a Category 5 hurricane hits Puerto Rico, the local government calls for the immediate evacuation of apartment buildings. Ray (Gibson), however, refuses to follow the orders, believing that he and his daughter Troy (Bosworth) can tough it out in their unit. His plan for survival goes from ill-advised to absolute chaos as two gangs choose to take advantag...

Michael Shannon in "The Quarry"

New Releases for the week of June 14 - 20

The Quarry

Near death and desperate on the side of the road, a nameless fugitive drifter (Whigham) is picked up by a preacher (Bichir) who is traveling to his new congregation in the small and struggling west Texas community of Bevel. When questions from the kind-hearted missionary grow too invasive for the drifter, he murders the man and quickly hides his body in a quarry....