New Releases for the week of June 6 - June 12

City of Lies

Rap icon Biggie Smalls is murdered in 1997, shocking an entire generation of adoring fans and musicians. With the circumstances of his death seeming conducive to a quick arrest — from multiple direct witnesses to its setting on an open, crowded intersection — the LAPD’s inability to apprehend a suspect triggers a caustic reaction from the public. At the h...

Taylour Paige as seen in "Boogie"

New Releases for the week of May 30 - June 5


Alfred "Boogie" Chin (Takahashi) has two choices: either respect his parents' wishes for him to get a scholarship to an elite college or pursue his dreams of playing in the NBA. Facing pressure from his traditional Chinese parents, the high school basketball phenom must also navigate his life with his girlfriend while facing rivals on the court. Boogie begins forging...

Daisy Ridley and Tom Holland as seen in "Chaos Walking"

New Releases for the week of May 23 - 29

Chaos Walking

On New World, a planet without women due to civil war, all men are infected with "the Noise," a disorder that allows everyone around them to hear and see each other’s thoughts. After discovering a crashed spaceship on his home planet, New World native Todd (Holland) uncovers the sole survivor of the crash — also the first and only woman he’s ever seen ...