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Abandoning his career, former Portland-based chef Robin "Rob" Feld (Cage) transitions his life to living off the grid deep within the great expanse of the Oregon forests. Relying on his truffle-hunting pet pig, Pig, for companionship and prized foraging skills, Rob makes his income selling truffles to Amir (Wolff), a young luxury ingredient procurer, who in turn sells the truffles to upscale restaurants. One evening, Rob is assaulted in his cabin and the culprits kidnap his beloved Pig. Distraught over the loss of Pig, Rob enlists Amir to help track down the kidnappers and retrieve Pig through a network of chefs and restaurants in the city he once abandoned.

Director: Michael Sarnoski. Stars: Nicolas Cage, Alex Wolff, Adam Arkin, Cassandra Violet, Julia Bray, Elijah Ungvary, Beth Harper, Brian Sutherland, Gretchen Corbett. 2021. 92 mins. Drama.


Nine Days

Tasked with the job of evaluating unborn souls, arbiter Will (Duke), who lives in a remote, small and ramshackle home in the middle of a sprawling desert, must meticulously assess each soul that comes his way during a nine-day process, picking only the best candidates to take on human form. While interviewing Alexander (Hale), Kane (Skarsgård), Maria (Ortiz), Mike (Rysdahl) and Emma (Beetz) for their chance on Earth, Will is challenged by the candidates and their views of life as he reflects on his own human years on Earth.

Director: Edson Oda. Stars: Winston Duke, Zazie Beetz, Benedict Wong, Tony Hale, Jeffrey Hanson, Bill Skarsgård, David Rysdahl, Elizaveta Shaikhulina, Arianna Ortiz. 2020. 124 mins. Drama.


PAW Patrol: The Movie

When their nemesis, newly elected Mayor Humdinger (Pardo), sends the city into chaos, PAW Patrol's new friend, Liberty (Martin), calls Ryder (Brisbin) and the pups — Chase (Armitage), Rubble (Hedley), Skye (Bartlam), Marshall (Marshall), Rocky (Shoniker) and Zuma (Simons) — in to save the day in the neighboring community of Adventure City. "PAW Patrol: The Movie" is based on the children's television series "PAW Patrol."

Director: Cal Brunker. Stars: Tyler Perry, Ron Pardo, Will Brisbin, Kingsley Marshall, Keegan Hedley, Iain Armitage, Marsai Martin, Callum Shoniker, Shayle Simons, Lilly Bartlam, Kim Roberts, Jimmy Kimmel, Dax Shepard, Randall Park. 2021. 86 mins. Animation.