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Blithe Spirit

Suffering from writer's block after the death of his first wife, Charles (Stevens) invites a spiritualist medium to his home hoping to gather some much-needed research for his next movie. The eccentric but genuine Madame Arcati (Dench) performs a séance that accidentally brings back Charles' first wife, Elvira (Mann). This inevitably causes problems for Charles and his current wife, who is unable to see the ghostly apparition as she wreaks havoc on the couple.

Director: Edward Hall. Stars: Dan Stevens, Leslie Mann, Isla Fisher, Judi Dench, Emilia Fox, Julian Rhind-Tutt, Adil Ray, Michele Dotrice, Aimee-Ffion Edwards. 2020. 99 mins. Comedy.


The Forever Purge

Eight years after the New Founding Fathers of America have taken rule of the United States, the annual Purge has been reinstated with its original rules, and some citizens are concerned the upcoming Purge will cause more damage than originally thought. After crossing the border from Mexico to escape the cartel, migrant workers Juan (Heurta) and his wife, Adela (de la Reguera), try to escape the destruction of the Purge by hiding with other migrant workers in a protected community hoping to wait out the event without hostility. When they return to their lives the next morning, Adela notices some of the workers haven't returned and the people around her aren't as trustworthy as she once thought.

Director: Everardo Gout. Stars: Ana de la Reguera, Tenoch Heurta, Josh Lucas, Cassidy Freeman, Leven Rambin, Alejandro Edda, Will Patton. 2021. 103 mins. Horror.


The Evil Next Door

Shirin (Gwyn) moves into a new house with her boyfriend (Wahlgren) and his five-year-old son, so they can be together as a family. Still struggling with the death of his mother, Lucas questions whether the dead can come back. His thoughts only truly become of concern, however, when he mentions a friend next door. Knowing the other half of the house is empty, Shirin becomes suspicious and begins to unlock the mystery behind the evil force that is after Lucas.

Director: Oskar Mellander, Tord Danielsson. Stars: Jakob Fahlstedt, Linus Wahlgren, Janna Granström, Dilan Gwyn, Karin Holmberg. 2020. 87 mins. Horror