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In the midst of abandoning her psychotherapy practice to advance her budding writing career, Sibyl (Efira) finds herself captivated with her patient, up-and-coming actress Margot (Exarchopoulos). Caught in an affair with a famous actor, Margot speaks to Sibyl about her inner turmoil. Desperate to jumpstart her creative process, Sibyl discretely records her appointments with Margot to take the lurid details for her own gain. When the lines of doctor and patient privilege are pushed to their edge, personal relationships are tested.

Director: Justine Triet. Stars: Virginie Efira, Adèle Exarchopoulos, Gaspard Ulliel, Sandra Hüller, Laure Calamy, Niels Schneider, Paul Hamy, Arthur Harari. 2019. 100 mins. Drama.


A Dark Foe

Living with vivid memories of his murdered mother and kidnapped sister, guilt-ridden FBI agent Tony Cruz (Cardenas) is fueled by his past to catch 'The Cradle,' the man responsible for his debilitating fear of darkness who kidnaps sex workers and removes their skin. When Tony's nyctophobia compromises an FBI operation, his friend and therapist Dr. Doris Baxter (Blair) helps him cope with his removal from the case. Encouraged by his partner, Rocco (Bellamy), to keep pursuing the case unofficially, Tony goes undercover with former sex worker Rebecca Crawford (Dalton) to track down the notorious killer once and for all.

Director: Maria Gabriela Cardenas. Stars: Oscar Cardenas, Kenzie Dalton, Selma Blair, Graham Greene, Bill Bellamy, Tokala Black Elk, Glenn Morshower, Jon Lindstrom, Julie Gonzalo, Monte Markham. 2020. 114 mins. Horror.


Last Call

After moving away from his old Philadelphia neighborhood of Darby Heights, real estate developer Mick (Piven) returns to his childhood community for his mother's funeral. However, the funeral quickly becomes a secondary event when Mick is tasked by developer Mr. Delvecchio (Pastore) to use his personal relationships to persuade the neighborhood's residents that a casino should be built in the area. Swayed by his aging bar-owning father, Laurence (McGee), and childhood crush, Ali (Manning), Mick finds himself questioning the important things in life.

Director: Paolo Pilladi. Stars: Jeremy Piven, Taryn Manning, Zach McGowan, Jack McGee, Bruce Dern, Jamie Kennedy, Cathy Moriarty, Cheri Oteri, Jason James Richter, Garry Pastore. 2021. 102 mins. Comedy.