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Bullet Train

Ladybug (Pitt) is a hit man who has had a few too many jobs gone wrong on his watch and is now looking to work in peace in order to minimize risk for himself and others who could potentially get caught in the crossfire. When he accepts a job on a high-speed train in Japan, however, he soon finds that his job is now even more difficult than before due to run-ins with others in his line of work. As he encounters four other assassins on the same train, the group learns they have one big thing in common beyond their professions. Now he must also watch his own back in addition to taking out his mark.

Director: David Leitch. Stars: Brad Pitt, Joey King, Brian Tyree Henry, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Sandra Bullock, Bad Bunny, Michael Shannon. 2022. Action/Thriller.


Bodies Bodies Bodies

A group of friends, each in their 20s, gather to attend a party at a secluded family mansion, but as a hurricane begins to touch down around them, they soon find themselves unable to leave. Deciding to make the most of their new, cooped-up situation and to pass the time, they decide to play a game. But as the mood begins to shift and each friend's true nature comes to light, their fun, wholesome game descends into a horror show.

Director: Halina Reijn. Stars: Amandla Stenberg, Maria Bakalova, Rachel Sennott, Pete Davidson, Myha'la Herrold, Lee Pace. 2022. Horror/Comedy.



In a world that humans share with monsters, young Winnie (Viswanathan) has spent her whole life watching her father coach and manage competitors in the very lucrative and much-enjoyed sport of Monster Wrestling. Now, wishing to follow in his footsteps, Winnie is determined to be as big a success as her dad (Arnett) and make a name for herself by turning an underdog into a champion. Once he is all trained up, she hopes he will win against the reigning champ, Tentacular (Crews), thus securing their respective places in Monster Wrestling history forever.

Director: Hamish Grieve. Stars: Will Arnett, Geraldine Viswanathan, Stephen A. Smith, Terry Crews, Tony Shalhoub, Jimmy Tatro, Tony Danza. 2021. Family/Animated.