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Percy Vs Goliath

Percy Schmeiser (Walken) is a humble canola farmer who doesn't care for fuss. Having learned how to tend his land from his father and grandfather, he prides himself in sticking to tradition rather than giving in to the corporate giants' cash incentives and their genetically modified seeds. More than anything, Percy aims for a somewhat minimalist, peaceful life with his wife, Louise (Maxwell). This all changes, however, when agricultural behemoth Monsanto accuses him of stealing its patented seeds. Completely thrown by the news, Percy looks back and realizes the cross-contamination between his and his neighbor’s crops did indeed yield him, completely unknowingly, crops of Monsanto’s product. The reason does not matter to Monsanto, though, who moves forward to sue him for costs that would ruin his and Louise’s happy life. In a move that would take him to the Supreme Court, Percy, with the help of lawyer Jackson (Braff) and agricultural activist Rebecca (Ricci), decides to fight Monsanto’s lawsuit and in the process galvanize independent farmers the world over to fight back. Based on true events.

Director: Clark Johnson. Stars: Christopher Walken, Christina Ricci, Luke Kirby, Zach Braff, Roberta Maxwell. 2020. 99 mins. Drama.


Hunter Hunter

Joe (Sawa) and Anne Mersault (Sullivan) are poor fur trappers living in a decrepit cabin in the woods with their teenage daughter, Renée (Howell). One day, an enormous wolf shows up around their grounds, eating the animals caught in their traps. Distressed over the loss of these furs, Joe sets off to kill it. When he fails to return by nightfall, and more disturbing things begin to pop up all over their woods, Anne and Renée realize they’re up against something far more sinister than one hungry beast.

Director: Shawn Linden. Stars: Camille Sullivan, Devon Sawa, Summer H. Howell, Nick Stahl. 2020. 93 mins. Horror.


Anything for Jackson

Devastated after the death of their grandson, Jackson (Lund), Henry (Richings) and his wife, Audrey (McCarthy), find hope in the darkness. Blinded by an unbearable grief, the elderly couple kidnaps heavily pregnant Shannon (Mantelos), with the intention of performing an extremely dangerous, evil ritual that, if successful, will harness the Devil’s power to put Jackson’s departed soul into Shannon’s unborn child.

Director: Justin G. Dyck. Stars: Julian Richings, Konstantina Mantelos, Sheila McCarthy, Daxton William Lund. 2020. 97 mins. Horror.