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Drive My Car

Two years after his wife unexpectedly died, stage actor and director Yûsuke Kafuku (Nishijima) receives an offer to direct a production of "Uncle Vanya" at a theater in Hiroshima. It is there he meets the reserved Misaki Watari (Miura), who is assigned to be his chauffeur. As the production's premiere approaches, tensions arise between cast and crew, including between Yûsuke and the handsome actor Koji Takatsuki (Okada), who shares an unwelcome connection to Yûsuke's late wife. Forced to confront the painful truths of his past, Yûsuke, with the help of his driver, must now unravel the mysteries his wife left behind.

Director: Ryûsuke Hamaguchi. Stars: Hidetoshi Nishijima, Tôko Miura, Reika Kirishima, Park Yu-rim, Jin Dae-yeon, Sonia Yuan, Ahn Hwitae, Perry Dizon, Satoko Abe, Masaki Okada. 2021. 179 mins. Drama.


Let Them All Talk

A celebrated author, Alice (Streep) takes a journey to Great Britain to receive an award. She goes along with some friends, Susan (Wiest) and Roberta (Bergen), to have some fun and heal old wounds. Not wanting to fly, Susan takes a transatlantic cruise dragging her nephew (Hedges), who is curious to learn from a group of older women, along for the ride. However, everyone seems to be obsessed with the next book Alice is writing and what it's going to be about. The great mystery will be not only if the friends can hash out old problems but also if they will make an appearance in Alice's next book.

Director: Steven Soderbergh. Stars. Meryl Streep, Candice Bergen, Gemma Chan, Lucas Hedges, Dianne Wiest. 2020. 113 mins. Comedy. Drama.



After coughing up blood, Sarah (Gillan) finds herself at the hospital again. After tests are taken, she finds out she has an incurable terminal disease despite feeling fine. Because she is dying, she is offered a replacement clone. The double is made immediately, as the more time the clone spends with Sarah, the more she will be like her. After 10 months, Sarah is still feeling fine. The doctor tells her she has gone into remission, which is great news for Sarah, but she still has the clone to deal with and now the clone gets along better with Sarah's mom and her boyfriend, Peter (Koale), than she does. However, the law says there can only be one, so Sarah will have to fight to the death against her clone.

Director: Riley Stearns. Stars: Karen Gillan, Beulah Koale, Theo James, Aaron Paul. 2022. 95 mins. Sci-Fi. Thriller.