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Clerks III

After Randal (Anderson) suffers a heart attack, he realizes changes need to be made and decides to make a movie about his life at a little convenience store called the Quick Stop. Randal enlists fellow clerks Dante (O'Halloran), Elias (Fehrman), Jay (Mewes) and Silent Bob (Smith) to help him with his project, and as Randal's movie gets made, friendships are tested, shady deals are made and the group learns to appreciate the little things — especially given how fragile life has proven to be.

Director: Kevin Smith. Stars: Brian O'Halloran, Jeff Anderson, Marilyn Ghigliotti, Rosario Dawson, Trevor Fehrman, Jason Mewes, Kevin Smith, Amy Sedaris, Austin Zajur, Jennifer Schwalbach Smith, Harley Quinn Smith. 2022. 100 mins. Comedy.



The throne of the Holy Roman Empire is now vacant, and fighting for its control are King Wenceslas (Roden) of Bohemia and King Sigismund (Goode) of Hungary. Soon, Czech mercenary leader Jan Zizka (Foster) is hired by Lord Boresh (Caine) to carry out a kidnapping that could turn the tides of battle. But when Jan falls in love, the mission goes south. His next move will determine if a king takes the throne or if the power is to be restored to his people.

Director: Petr Jákl. Stars: Ben Foster, Sophie Lowe, Michael Caine, Til Schweiger, William Moseley, Matthew Goode, Karel Roden, Werner Daehn, Roland Møller. 2022. 126 mins. Action.



Leading scientist Jennifer Ashgrove (Brugel) lives in a world where the water supply is tainted, and drinking it is fatal. Harrowed by the public's demand for a solution, she retreats to the countryside with her husband to take a much-needed mental break. Unfortunately, their marriage is rocky at best and their time together begins to head into far more troubling territory. As things reach a boiling point, the two realize that their ability to resolve their issues could actually determine the outcome of the pressing water crisis.

Director: Jeremy LaLonde. Stars: Amanda Brugel, Jonas Chernick, Shawn Doyle, Natalie Brown, Christine Horne, Sugith Varughese. 2022. 92 mins. Drama.