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What's in your fridge: Series challenges chefs to elevate the ordinary

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Michelle Rose / TV Media
Dan Ahdoot hosts "Raid the Fridge"

Dan Ahdoot hosts "Raid the Fridge"

Are you a meticulous meal planner, or do you prefer a more spontaneous approach to food prep? If meal times involve staring into the abyss that is your fridge and working with what you have — or if you've ever been at someone's house and wondered what was in their fridge (a scene from the 1984 film "Ghostbusters" comes to mind) — then Food Network's newest limited series may feel completely relatable.

"Raid the Fridge" premieres Wednesday, Sept. 1, on Food Network. It's kind of like a lighthearted "Chopped," but with a mystery fridge instead of a mystery basket.

In this series, four professional chefs are challenged to cook up "top-notch dishes" (per Food Network) using ordinary items from a stranger's refrigerator. At the start of each weekly episode, these pros have to rely on their intuition and choose a refrigerator based solely on its outward appearance, though they might be able to glean some information about the fridges' owners based on the myriad of magnets, photos, calendars and drawings that decorate the door.

Obviously, looks can be deceiving, and that adds an element of surprise to this competition: sometimes a bachelor's fridge will turn out to be better stocked than one belonging to a busy family of four.

Once they've picked their fridge, the chefs must make do with whatever they find inside, even leftovers (sound familiar?). After three rounds, it falls to judges Jordan Andino ("Junior Chef Showdown") and Jamika Pessoa ("Unique Sweets"), two Food Network regulars, to declare the big winner of a fridge filled with $10,000.

"Raid the Fridge" is hosted by comedian and actor Dan Ahdoot — you might know him as Anoush from "Cobra Kai," Amir from "The Crew" or Falafel Phil from "Kickin' It." Ahdoot is passionate about food and recently signed a book deal for a comedic food memoir. He also hosts the food podcast "Green Eggs and Dan," in which he asks guests to share photos of their refrigerators.

Food Network will be doing the same on its social media pages: head online to view photos of mystery fridge contents each week, and you'll be invited to snoop through the fridges of the show's host and judges, too.

"Raid the Fridge" begins Wednesday, Sept. 1, on Food Network.