Danielle Rose Russell stars in "Legacies"

Destiny awaits: New and old faces square off in 'Legacies'

Peyton Alex Smith, Danielle Rose Russell and Aria Shahghasemi star in "Legacies"
Spinoffs are a tough nut to crack. For every "Frasier," "Angel" and "The Jeffersons," there's a plethora of awful ones ("The Tortellis," anyone?). In recent years, however, CW has seemingly found the magic formula to creating successful spinoffs, w...

Catherine Shepherd as seen in "Sally4Ever"

Midlife crisis: Big changes are afoot in HBO's 'Sally4Ever'

Julia Davis and Catherine Shepherd as seen in "Sally4Ever"
Midlife crisis: HBO's slate of original comedies continues to expand, and the premium channel is never afraid to search both near and far for its next hilarious hit. Its latest comedy, "Sally4Ever," premieres Sunday, Nov. 11, and springs from the mind of acclaimed Engli...

Sara Gilbert stars in "The Conners"

Life goes on in Lanford: 'The Conners' brings back beloved characters

Sara Gilbert stars in "The Conners"
Sitcoms are a staple of prime time, peppering just about every night of the week. But few of this season's sitcoms have generated as much buzz as "The Conners." Since losing his wife, Dan Conner (John Goodman, "The Big Lebowski," 1998) has been soldiering on as the head of the household in "...