More money, more problems: New season of 'Good Girls' premieres on NBC

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Rachel Jones / TV Media
Retta, Christina Hendricks and Mae Whitman star in "Good Girls"

Retta, Christina Hendricks and Mae Whitman star in "Good Girls"

Good girls? Says who? The comedy-infused drama that took three suburban moms from their humdrum lives into a life of crime returns when Season 4 of "Good Girls" premieres Sunday, March 7, on NBC.

If you've kept up with "Good Girls" since its inception, then you know how intense the show can get. It's not your regular fish-out-of-water comedy because, well, these so-called "fish" become creatures of a completely different kind. The show's leading women end up taking crime seriously, and it leads to some pretty dark moments. That said, if you haven't been keeping up with the show, you still have some time to catch up! And playing catch up won't be hard to do, either: COVID-19 cut Season 3 short by five episodes, leaving audiences with some major cliffhangers that showrunners can finally resolve in Season 4. So, let's take a look at where Season 3 left us — but please beware of spoilers for those of you a bit behind.

At the beginning of the season, Beth (Christina Hendricks, "Mad Men"), Annie (Mae Whitman, "The DUFF," 2015) and Ruby (Retta, "Parks and Recreation") are faced with the decision to either continue committing crime or turn their backs on it. Beth was fully sure that Rio (Manny Montana, "Graceland") was dead — she did double-cross him and managed to get a good point-blank shot in at the end of Season 2. But, unfortunately for her, Rio is very much alive, and while our ladies decide to make counterfeit money on their own terms, Rio makes his way back into the picture. On the bright side, he does manage to kill that pesky FBI agent who's been trying to catch our trio and throw them in jail.

As you could imagine, Rio is not one to take being shot lightly (but then, who would?). After a while, he tries to kill Beth, but she's just as clever as always. She pretends she's pregnant with his child, wins his trust and fakes a miscarriage to get away with her lie. Rio is really a big nuisance to the women in Season 3 and we want him to go away — as do Beth, Annie and Ruby — unfortunately, he has no intention of leaving. Instead, when he finds out Beth is using her new stationery store job to print out the counterfeit money, he demands a cut. Beth then  keeps some of the money for herself, leaving Rio no choice (in his mind) but to steal all the furniture from her house. And, in one of his most ruthless acts, Rio kills an innocent employee and friend of Beth's at the stationery store. This is the crew's final straw and the moment they decide to start saving up to hire a hitman since they can't seem to get rid of Rio on their own.

Meanwhile, Ruby and Annie are going through their own turmoil at home. Ruby's husband, Stan (Reno Wilson, "Mike & Molly"), is playing bodyguard to a group of strippers and is a bouncer at the strip club itself. Though being a strip club bouncer isn't Ruby's first choice of employment for her husband, she learns to live with it as it provides her with the means to do her job without the added stress of his being a police officer. That said, she grows more suspicious of his new job after discovering he goes to house parties with the strippers and helps them to steal from wealthy guests. Ruby's daughter, Sara (Lidya Jewett, "Feel the Beat," 2020), ends up committing her own crime, too, stealing an expensive pen from a house where she tutors. When Ruby reproaches her, Sara calls out her mother's hypocrisy — she knows what her mom's been doing, so why can't she commit crime, too?

Mae Whitman in a scene from "Good Girls"

Mae Whitman in a scene from "Good Girls"

Annie is hustling hard, trying to get her GED and seeing a child psychologist to help her out with some issues in her off time. In typical Annie fashion, she falls in love with the guy and tries to seduce him — even though he's already happily in a relationship. However, the hardest thing to watch in Annie's life is not her attempts to enter into an illicit affair with her therapist, but rather her strained relationship with her son. He is supportive of her getting her GED but grows increasingly more critical of his mother; a much different attitude than any we've seen from him in the past.

Because Season 3 had to wrap up fairly quickly, the season finale and the episodes leading up to it were a little bit scattered. Dean (Matthew Lillard, "Barkskins"), Beth's husband, buys the hot tub showroom where he works, and Beth decides to launder money through the business. Another FBI agent, Phoebe Donnegan (Lauren Lapkus, "Happiest Season," 2020), makes her way into the picture and tries to befriend them. Of course, nothing good comes from either plan. Phoebe steals Ruby's phone and the nail polish they use to perfect the color of the counterfeit money, Rio is still trying to get in on Beth's money laundering scheme and the hitman they hired is taking his sweet time doing his job.

Let's face it, though, we love the tension between Beth and Rio, even if he does constantly cause trouble. We also love that Beth is now close to Rio's ex-wife, Rhea (Jackie Cruz, "Orange Is the New Black"). Perhaps she'll be of greater assistance in the new season — or maybe she's been plotting with Rio this entire time. We'll have to wait and see.

Season 4 is set to pick up right where Season 3 left off, so audiences will finally get answers to the many lingering questions left by the epic cliffhanger finale. Tune in Sunday, March 7, to see our good girls keep doing bad things when "Good Girls" Season 4 premieres on NBC.