Dwayne Johnson in "Rampage"

New Releases for the week of July 15 - 21


George, an albino gorilla living in a wildlife preserve near San Diego, is exposed to a mutagenic pathogen that causes him to both grow larger at an alarming rate and become more aggressive. His handler, Davis (Johnson), learns that the pathogen was developed as a biological weapon, but after government agents take the massive gorilla into captivity, George escapes ...

Emily Blunt in "A Quiet Place"

New Releases for the week of July 8 - 14

A Quiet Place

Blind monsters that hunt by sound have killed off most of Earth's people, but on a remote farm, a family lives a silent life, communicating only with sign language to avoid attracting the hungry beasts. Mother Evelyn (Blunt) is pregnant with the couple's fourth child, and husband Lee (Krasinski) desperately tries to keep his family alive, making sure they keep...

John Cena in "Blockers"

New Releases for the week of July 1 - 7


Three high school seniors -- Julie (Newton), Kayla (Viswanathan) and Sam (Adlon) -- make a pact that on the day of their prom, they'll each lose their virginity before the end of the night. Before the prom, their parents, including Julie's mother, Lisa (Mann), Kayla's overprotective father, Mitchell (Cena), and Sam's absent dad, Hunter (Barinholtz), throw them a pa...