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Confess, Fletch

Master sleuth “Fletch” (Hamm) has been framed! Or has he? When a priceless art collection goes missing and is held for ransom, it’s up to the master of disguises to solve the case. Making matters more complicated, the art belongs to the father of Fletch’s girlfriend, Angela (Izzo), and now Fletch is the prime suspect. Venturing from Italy to Boston, the bumbling detective works to clear his name and help save the treasures. Meanwhile, as friends, family and colleagues old and new begin to investigate, the only common consensus seems to be “confess, Fletch.”

Director: Greg Mottola. Stars: Jon Hamm, Lorenza Izzo, Kyle MacLachlan, Roy Wood Jr., Marcia Gay Harden, John Slattery. 98 mins. 2022. Comedy.


Living With Chucky

The iconic Child’s Play horror franchise steps into the spotlight once again in this retrospective documentary featuring new candid cast interviews and behind-the-scenes features. Unveiling the true leaps and laughs from cast and crew throughout the entire franchise, it’s the spotlight fans have long asked for. Celebrating the long-lasting impact of the films and the beloved red-headed demon doll, Chucky, this feature-length documentary is a must for slasher fans.

Director: Kyra Elise Gardner. Stars: Jennifer Tilly, Lin Shaye, Abigail Breslin, Brad Dourif, Alex Vincent, Marlon Wayans. 105 mins. 2022. Documentary/Horror


Cowboy Bebop: The Complete Series 25th Anniversary

It’s the year 2071 and five intergalactic wanderers travel through space on their ship, Bebop, collecting bounties and searching for fun. Celebrating its 25th anniversary, this revolutionary, gateway anime series is presented in a complete bundle befitting the program that won over generations and crossed continents. Praised by critics as arguably the greatest anime series of all time for its distinct music, style and characters, it is truly one-of-a-kind, with a fan following that continues to grow worldwide thanks to its legacy and impact on the genre. Featuring all 26 episodes, along with numerous behind-the-scenes commentary tracks and retrospectives.

Director: Shinichiro Watanabe. Stars: Steve Blum, Beau Billingslea, Wendee Lee, Melissa Fahn. 650 minutes. 2023. Anime.