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The mother (Long) of a young woman goes missing while on vacation in South America with her new boyfriend. Fearing the worst, daughter June (Reid) must take action and confront a deeper plot, all while being thousands of miles away. Blocked by the slow progress of international agencies, June is left to her own actions. With time running out and the dangers to her remaining family escalating, June must utilize every resource at her disposal — wit, bravado and the powers of smartphone technology — to help unravel an international plot and save her family.

Directors: Nicholas D. Johnson, Will Merrick. Stars: Storm Reid, Joaquim de Almeida, Ken Leung, Tim Griffin, Amy Landecker, Nia Long, Daniel Henney, Megan Suri. 111 mins. 2023. Thriller.


The Son

Peter Miller (Jackman) has begun a new chapter of his life, having recently married his second wife, Beth (Kirby). Suddenly, without notice, Miller’s teenage son, Nicholas (McGrath), who is battling depression, arrives at his door. Peter must navigate the delicate balance of fatherhood and marriage while coming to terms with his own strained family history, tied to Nicholas’s controlling grandfather (Hopkins). Various generations of the family must adapt and confront the history and decisions that bind them. Can Peter overcome his family trauma so he and his son can move forward?

Director: Florian Zeller. Stars: Hugh Jackman, Zen McGrath, Vanessa Kirby, Laura Dern, Anthony Hopkins, Hugh Quarshie. 123 mins. 2022. Drama



A commercial airliner and its passengers are caught in the ride for their lives, literally, as unlikely allies must come together to safeguard a plane and ensure everyone returns home safely. Commercial pilot Brodie Torrance (Butler) is having a standard flight while discreetly transporting international homicide suspect Louis Gaspare (Colter). Caught in a horrific tropical storm, the plane is forced to make an emergency landing – and that’s only the start of the danger. Can a reluctant hero and a wanted fugitive survive the elements, armed militias and each other?

Director: Jean-François Richet. Stars : Gerard Butler, Mike Colter, Yoson An, Tony Goldwyn, Daniella Pineda. Paul Ben-Victor. 107 mins. 2023. Action