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Sideshow showdown: 'Freakshow Cakes' debuts on Cooking Channel

Vivian Chan hosts "Freakshow Cakes"

Zac Young and Vivian Chan co-host "Freakshow Cakes"
The popularity of carnival freak shows peaked in the late 19th century, when people like P.T. Barnum turned our fascination with the abnormal into entertainment for the masses. Today, our appetite for curiosities and oddities hasn't diminished -- we just have television and YouTube to satiate it. Besides, the word "freak show" doesn't necessarily conjure images of bearded ladies and giants anymore. In common parlance, it's just a label for anything strange, occasionally provocative, even fascinatingly grotesque. It's about standing out from the rest. And that's exactly what Cooking Channel hopes to accomplish with its newest cake-decorating competition. Premiering Friday, Oct. 4, "Frea...