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Tommaso (Dafoe) is an American actor and filmmaker struggling to reconcile his life with his new-found sobriety. With a long list of demons trailing behind him, Tommaso attempts to make good on this shaky new beginning in Italy, accompanied by his much younger wife, Nikki (Chiriac), and their daughter, Dee Dee (Ferrara). Though it's idyllic at first, Tommaso's devoted, working-father fa├žade begins to crumble due to both the pull of his addictions and Nikki's infidelity. With nothing left to hide behind, Tommaso must salvage what is left of his life before his past swallows him up completely.

Director: Abel Ferrara. Stars: Willem Dafoe, Cristina Chiriac, Alessandra Scarci, Anna Ferrara, Stella Mastrantonio, Lorenzo Piazzoni. 2019. 115 mins. Drama.



When 13-year-old Becky Hooper's (Wilson) father, Jeff (McHale), and his girlfriend, Kayla (Brugel), announce their engagement in the middle of their lake house vacation, Becky storms off into the woods, where she finds a strange key in a tin box. In her absence, a group of convicted neo-Nazis led by the brutal Dominick (James) make their way into the lake house, holding Jeff, Kayla and Kayla's son, Ty (Rockcliffe), hostage until they find a key they claim to have left on the property. Communicating via walkie-talkie, Becky and the criminals attempt to reach an agreement, until the gang murders Jeff and begins a bloody war against the teenager. With only her dog and violent, twisted mind to rely on, Becky goes after the neo-Nazis to avenge her father and save herself.

Directors: Jonathan Milott and Cary Murnion. Stars: Lulu Wilson, Kevin James, Joel McHale, Amanda Brugel, Ryan McDonald, Robert Maillet, Isaiah Rockcliffe. 2020. 93 mins. Action.


No Safe Spaces

Focused on the importance of free speech, this documentary outlines the various events and controversies that culminated in censoring the ideas and beliefs of one or more individuals. The film centers its main arguments on the United States, in particular, in the context of language in universities and their designated safe spaces. With Adam Carolla and Dennis Prager interviewing both students and staff about the issue, it becomes clear that the debate surrounding free speech may never be resolved, but it is one that will never be anything but relevant.

Director: Justin Folk. Stars: Adam Carolla, Dennis Prager, Van Jones, Tim Allen, Ben Shapiro, Jordan Peterson. 2019. 100 mins. Documentary.