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The Owners

Nathan (Kenny), Terry (Ellis) and Gaz (Curran) are a gang of violent, hardened thieves who believe they have found their next victims in the simple-looking Dr. Huggins (McCoy) and his mentally ill wife, Ellen (Tushingham). Other than the unexpected addition of Nathan's girlfriend, Mary (Williams), to the night, their plan to break in seems simple enough. However, the Higgins' unexpected return wrecks the job entirely. But this is not where the night is bound to end. From traps hidden in the mansion's crevices to Ellen's psychotic hallucinations and violent behaviors, the four intruders might not be leaving this encounter with their lives or their sanity intact.

Director: Julius Berg. Stars: Maisie Williams, Rita Tushingham, Sylvester McCoy, Jake Curran, Ian Kenny, Andrew Ellis, Stacha Hicks. 2020. 92 mins. Thriller.


The Secrets We Keep

Maja (Rapace) builds a new life in America with her husband, Lewis (Messina), after escaping the horrors inflicted on her people, the Romani, during World War II. One day, she spots a man she believes to be one of the soldiers (Kinnaman) who violently assaulted her during the Nazi raids. Before she knows it, she has knocked him unconscious, kidnapped him and tied him up in her basement. With mostly her horrific memories to lean on, she must convince Lewis and herself of whether this man's identity is what she believes it to be and whether he truly deserves the brutality she intends to inflict on him if she's right.

Director: Yuval Adler. Stars: Noomi Rapace, Joel Kinnaman, Chris Messina, Amy Seimetz, Jackson Dean Vincent, Miluette Nalin, Jeff Pope. 2020. 97 mins. Drama.


Cut Throat City

Blink (Moore) is a New Orleans native who deals drugs to make ends meet for himself, his girlfriend, Demyra (Graham), and their son. Their financial situation worsens to an unimaginable extent when hurricane Katrina hits, obliterating their already poverty-stricken neighborhood. Desperate for a way out, Blink and his friends Andre (Whitaker), Miracle (Shipp Jr.) and Junior (Johnson) take matters into their own hands, teaming up for a heist in the city. As plans go awry and people become aware of their actions, the entire city, from corrupt councilor Symms (Hawke) to the noble detective Valencia (González), bears witness to a crime that exposes and challenges the cruel inequalities of a broken city.

Director: RZA. Stars: Shameik Moore, Kat Graham, Keean Johnson, Demetrius Shipp Jr., Denzel Whitaker, Wesley Snipes, Ethan Hawke, Eiza González. 2020. 123 mins. Action.