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Two years after his wife's death, David Kim's (Cho) world is shaken again when his teenage daughter, Margot (La), goes missing. After discovering that she canceled her piano lessons months prior and that she's been pocketing the money, he contacts the police and starts working with Det. Vick (Messing), who encourages him to dig into Margot's online history. As he delves deeper into his daughter's social media contacts, David comes to realize that he doesn't know his daughter nearly as well as he thought he did, and that she's pulled away from all of her friends and become isolated since her mother's death. With the clock ticking, David becomes increasingly desperate to track her down before the worst can happen.

Director: Aneesh Chaganty. Stars: John Cho, Michelle La, Sara Sohn, Debra Messing. 2018. 102 min. Drama.


The Little Stranger

Years after he visited as a child, Dr. Faraday (Gleeson) returns to a sprawling manor in the English countryside to attend to an ill maid (Hill). He discovers that the mansion has decayed over the years and is no longer the opulent place that it once was, and that its owner, Roderick (Poulter), is planning to sell it. When strange things start happening around their decrepit home, the family believes that a spirit has come to haunt them, but the skeptical Dr. Faraday remains convinced that there's a more mundane explanation for the happenings.

Director: Lenny Abrahamson. Stars: Domhnall Gleeson, Will Poulter, Ruth Wilson, Liv Hill, Josh Dylan, Charlotte Rampling. 2018. 111 min. Drama.


Ouija Death Trap

High school student Raven (Reed) lands a job at the creepy old ShadowView Manor and invites her old friends from elementary school along to check out the allegedly haunted mansion. Fascinated by the old building, the teens try out some amateur paranormal investigations, but when they use a Ouija board to try to contact the house's spirits, they learn that the stories about ShadowView Manor are all too real, and that the building's spirits are evil to their core.

Director: Todd Sheets. Stars: Raven Reed, John O'Hara, Jessica Hopkins, Dakota Lassen, William Christopher Epperson. 2014. 90 min. Horror.