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Robert the Bruce

In 1306, Scottish rebel and unofficial king Robert the Bruce (Macfadyen) is considered an outlaw, and a bounty is placed on his head by the king of England. Driven to near defeat by the English army, Robert and his men retreat to save what little remains of their rebellion. Injured and alone, he is taken in by a widowed peasant (Hutchison) and her children who tend to him despite their English alliance. As Robert recovers, he grows closer to the family, and as his health improves, so does his understanding of what he is fighting for and why.

Director: Richard Gray. Stars: Angus Macfadyen, Jared Harris, Anna Hutchison, Patrick Fugit, Zach McGowan, Gabriel Bateman, Talitha Bateman, Emma Kenney, Shane Coffey, Kevin McNally. 2019. 124 mins. Action.



Seeking a new life and an escape from her painful past, Sarah (Bloom) moves into a seemingly perfect L.A. apartment complex where the neighbors are friendly, the grounds are neat and the rent is reasonable. Everything is fine until she starts hearing loud noises at night. Then her cat goes missing and threatening notes begin to appear. When Sarah discovers the truth about her new place, all hell breaks loose, and Sarah finds herself fighting for her freedom once again, only this time, if she loses, she'll be lost forever.

Director: David Marmor. Stars: Nicole Brydon Bloom, Giles Matthey, Taylor Nichols, Alan Blumenfeld, Celeste Sully, Susan Davis, Clayton Hoff, Earnestine Phillips, Naomi Grossman. 2019. 90 mins. Thriller.


Debt Collectors

French (Adkins) and Sue (Mandylor) have no qualms with employing violent tactics to collect money from any goons that owe their boss (Kulich). But when the latest delinquent, a dirty casino owner in Las Vegas, also happens to be Sue's vengeful ex-lover, things get more personal than the pair would like. At the same time, an angry drug lord seeking to avenge his brother's death is hot on their trail. With danger quickly closing in, French and Sue must use their wits and skills to battle their way out of the volatile situation.

Director: Jesse V. Johnson. Stars: Scott Adkins, Louis Mandylor, Vladimir Kulich, Mayling Ng, Mariano Mendoza, Ski Carr, Josef Cannon, Mike Maolucci, Jermaine Jacox, Catherine Black. 2020. 97 mins. Action.