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Four years into the pandemic, COVID-23, the newest mutation of the original COVID-19 virus, still ravages the globe. In order to contain infections, America has become a state of mass surveillance, imposing movement restrictions that, when broken, are punishable by death, demanding constant temperature checks and forcibly moving the sick and their relatives into quarantine camps with horrific conditions if they test positive. Among the lucky few who escape this oppressive reality is Nico (Apa), whose immunity to the virus allows him more freedoms than most. Keen on keeping life simple, his interests solely pertain to his job delivering packages to the rich with his boss, Lester (Robinson), and his girlfriend, Sara (Carson). But when Sara's grandmother, Lita (Carrillo), tests positive for COVID-23, Nico must reach their home before the sanitation soldiers do, knowing that they are bound for the camps and, ultimately, certain death.

Director: Adam Mason. Stars: K.J. Apa, Sofia Carson, Craig Robinson, Alexandra Daddario, Bradley Whitford, Demi Moore, Elpidia Carrillo. 2020. 84 mins. Sci-Fi.



After human remains are discovered in an English suburb, the detective assigned to the case, Peter Jay (Mays), grapples with the realization that a serial killer has been running free under his watch for a long time. However, his investigation takes a turn when Dennis "Des" Nilsen (Tennant) walks into his station and confesses to the murder of the 15 newly uncovered men. Immediately thrown by the mild-mannered killer, Jay can only imagine where Des is bound to take him: a journey that spans disturbing interviews, prolonged trials and his own understanding of human morality.

Director: Lewis Arnold. Stars: David Tennant, Daniel Mays, Jason Watkins, Ron Cook, Barry Ward, Faye McKeever, Doc Brown. 2020. 143 mins. Drama.


Money Plane

Eyes set on an easy life with his wife, Sarah (Richards), Jack Reese (Copeland) decides to take one last job as a professional thief in order to settle a debt with gang leader Darius (Grammar), aka The Rumble, before walking away for good. Privy to the gangster's ways, Jack rounds up his team of elite robbers and preps them for Darius' last impossible directive. His task: infiltrate the "Money Plane," the casino-in-the-sky frequented by rich criminals, and rob the mounds of cryptocurrency and cash it carries.

Director: Andrew Lawrence. Stars: Adam Copeland, Kelsey Grammar, Thomas Jane, Denise Richards, Katrina Norman. 2020. 82 mins. Action.