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Captain Marvel

Vers (Larson) is a soldier for the interplanetary Kree Empire, but she has difficulty controlling her emotions due to recurring nightmares about a strange woman and an alien planet. After a mission goes horribly wrong, Vers finds herself stranded on Earth, the planet from her dreams, where she teams up with government agents Nick Fury (Jackson) and Phil Coulson (Gregg) to fight off an invasion by the shape-shifting alien Skrull, the Kree's mortal enemies. As she delves deeper into her own past, Vers learns that she was a human test pilot named Carol Danvers, and that her history is more complex than she realized. As she begins to remember who she really is, she starts to question everything she thought she knew about herself, her people and the universe.

Directors: Anna Boden, Ryan Fleck, Stars: Brie Larson, Samuel L. Jackson, Jude Law, Ben Mendelsohn, Clark Gregg, Rune Temte. 2019. 123 min. Action.


Five Feet Apart

Will (Sprouse) has cystic fibrosis. While in the hospital to undergo an experimental therapy for a severe secondary infection, he encounters fellow cystic fibrosis patient Stella (Richardson). The two become more and more interested in each other as time goes on, but they aren't allowed to come within six feet of one another due to the risk of cross-infection. Bending the rules and risking their lives, they decide that five feet is enough, and spend their time growing closer from five feet apart.

Director: Justin Baldoni. Stars: Haley Lu Richardson, Cole Sprouse, Moises Arias, Kimberly Hebert Gregory. 2019. 116 min. Drama.


Captive State

It has been nine years since aliens invaded the Earth, and humanity lives under the yoke of their oppression. Gabriel (Sanders), a young man whose parents were killed by the invaders, is co-operating with the resistance group Phoenix to plan an attack on the aliens and their sympathizers, but his dead father's former partner Mulligan (Goodman) is a collaborator and is suspicious of Gabriel's activities.

Director: Rupert Wyatt. Stars: John Goodman, Ashton Sanders, Jonathan Majors, Vera Farmiga. 2019. 109 min. Sci-fi.