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Force of Nature

When a Category 5 hurricane hits Puerto Rico, the local government calls for the immediate evacuation of apartment buildings. Ray (Gibson), however, refuses to follow the orders, believing that he and his daughter Troy (Bosworth) can tough it out in their unit. His plan for survival goes from ill-advised to absolute chaos as two gangs choose to take advantage of the state of emergency and try to beat each other to a $55-million heist -- and the money is in Ray's building. With no one else to help them but a jaded cop named Cardillo (Hirsch), the father-daughter team has to fight mother nature and the violent criminals with whatever they can find in their home.

Director: Michael Polish. Stars: Mel Gibson, Kate Bosworth, Stephanie Cayo, Emile Hirsch, David Zayas, Jasper Polish, William Catlett, Swen Temmel. 2020. 91 mins. Action.


Four Kids and It

After dating for a while, single parents Alice (Patton) and David (Goode) decide it's time to share their relationship with their respective kids. To soften any possible negative reactions to the news, they take their children on a coastal holiday together in Cornwall. Though the situation is tense at first, and the four kids test each other, everything changes when they meet a creature called Psammead (Caine). An ancient being, Psammead has the ability to grant them one wish every day, with the wish lasting until the sun sets. But the magical joy proves to be short-lived, as the consequences of the kids' wishes are unexpected. As the evil Tristan (Brand) chases them with the intention of keeping Psammead for his own selfish purposes, the newly blended family must band together.

Director: Andy De Emmony. Stars: Paula Patton, Matthew Goode, Russell Brand, Michael Caine, Ashley Aufderheide, Teddie-Rose Malleson-Allen. 2020. 110 mins. Fantasy.



After a global outbreak turns people into flesh-hungry zombies, the only hope for humanity lies in the hands of Dr. Julian Raynes (Goodale), who believes he might have found a cure. But Dr. Raynes is stuck in the quarantine zone, where a large number of the infected have clustered, so it is up to an elite squad of soldiers to bring him back safely, before the virus takes out the weakening population.

Director: Chee Keong Cheung. Stars: Katarina Waters, Mark Strange, Carlos Gallardo, Robert Goodale, Oris Erhuero, Akira Koieyama. 2018. 115 mins. Horror.