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Former college basketball-star-turned-entrepreneur Derrick Tyler (Ealy) and his closest friend, Rafe Grimes (Colter), take a business trip to Las Vegas in the wake of Derrick's suspicion that his wife, Tracie (Lewis), is having an affair. Rafe suggests Derrick have his own affair and, after meeting a beautiful woman at a bar and having given her a fake name, Derrick and the woman spend the night together. The night after returning to Los Angeles, Derrick finds a masked intruder in his home and barely escapes with his life. When the police come to investigate the scene, Derrick soon discovers that the detective assigned to the case is none other than Valerie Quinlan (Swank), the woman he had the affair with. Derrick must navigate his indiscretions and complicated personal relationships while the police turn their suspicions on him.

Director: Deon Taylor. Stars: Hilary Swank, Michael Ealy, Mike Colter, Damaris Lewis, Tyrin Turner, Danny Pino, Geoffrey Owens, David Hoflin. 2020. 102 mins. Thriller.


Scare Me

When struggling actor and writer Fred (Ruben) retreats to the Catskills to write in total seclusion, he comes across bestselling horror author Fanny (Cash). Unimpressed with each other, the pair go their separate ways until a thunderstorm knocks out the power in the area. Visiting Fred's house to see if his electricity has been lost, too, Fanny encourages Fred to tell her a scary story but is indifferent to his first attempt. When the pair have a pizza delivered by horror fan Carlo (Redd), Fred finds Fanny's fame too much to bear and the evening descends into chaos.

Director: Josh Ruben. Stars: Josh Ruben, Aya Cash, Chris Redd, Rebecca Drysdale, Lauren Sick. 2020. 104 mins. Horror.


Half Brothers

After traveling to Chicago to visit his estranged dying father, Flavio (Espinosa), days before his wedding, straight-laced Mexican business executive Renato (Méndez) soon discovers he has an eccentric and bohemian American half-brother named Asher (Del Rio). Tasked with fulfilling their father's last dying wish, the newly united brothers must embark on a cross-country road trip recreating the path their father took when he emigrated from Mexico. Finding answers to their own identities along the way, the brothers soon discover they are more alike than they would care to admit.

Director: Luke Greenfield. Stars: Luis Gerardo Méndez, Connor Del Rio, José Zúñiga, Vincent Spano, Alma Sisneros, Beatrice Hernandez, Tyler Cook, Juan Pablo Espinosa. 2020. 96 mins. Comedy.