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Working deep in the Brazilian rainforest, professional hunter Frank Walsh (Cage) finally successfully captures an ultra-rare white jaguar to sell to a zoo that's willing to pay an exorbitant amount of money for the creature. While preparing to transport the large cat back to the United States, Walsh finds that many of his usual nefarious contacts are unwilling to risk moving the legendary "ghost cat" due to the bad luck associated with the rare animal. Unfazed by his disreputable colleague's concerns, Walsh organizes a cargo ship stateside. Arriving at the vessel, Walsh realizes the freighter will not only be transporting the various animals he has collected on his pillaging journey, but also the prisoner Richard Loffler (Durand), who is being returned to the United States to stand trial for his crimes. Tasked with transporting Loffler are Navy neurologist Dr. Ellen Taylor (Janssen), a U.S. marshal (Garrett) and a plethora of armed guards. Once sailing on the open seas, Loffler escapes his confines and releases the caged animals, resulting in mayhem on the high seas.

Director: Nick Powell. Stars: Nicolas Cage, Famke Janssen, Kevin Durand, Michael Imperioli, LaMonica Garrett, Tommy Walker, Rey Hernandez, John Lewis. 2019. 97 mins. Action.


An Innocent Kiss

The Barnes are a dysfunctional and chaotic family that consists of mom Ellie (Goin), dad Billy (Harris) and their children, Louise (Watson), Henry (Provost) and twins Jimmy (Neal) and Timmy (Rossitch). The family is turned on its head by the arrival of Billy's wayward and free-spirited brother, Uncle Randy (Abbott Jr.), who has been absent for eight years. When Randy enters the wrong house and mistakes the family's neighbor for an intruder, the family dynamic unravels and brings the neighborhood with it in this small South Carolina town. With the slow decay of Ellie and Billy's relationship (thanks to money problems and a hint of infidelity), not even Billy and Randy's father, Grandpa Barnes (Reynolds), can save Ellie's birthday party from an ill-timed eruption of emotion.

Director: Jason Shirley. Stars: Burt Reynolds, Michael Provost, R. Keith Harris, Whitney Goin, Michael Abbott Jr., Sophia Watson, Josh Henry, Sandra Elise Williams, Noah Neal, Matt Rossitch. 2019. 111 mins. Drama.