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Ad Astra

When human life on Earth is threatened by power surges in the solar system, Maj. Roy McBride (Pitt), the son of celebrated astronaut H. Clifford McBride (Jones), is notified by U.S. Space Command that the current disturbance is happening because of the defunct Lima Project, which was created 26 years ago by his father, who hoped to find intelligent life. After receiving information that his missing father may still be alive, Roy accepts a mission to travel into the solar system to not only locate his father, but also find the source of the mysterious power surges threatening human life.

Director: James Gray. Stars: Brad Pitt, Tommy Lee Jones, Ruth Negga, Donald Sutherland, Liv Tyler, Kimberly Elise. 2019. 123 mins. Action.


Downton Abbey

This film is set in 1927 and continues the storyline from the original television series. Robert (Bonneville) and Cora Crawley (McGovern), the Earl and Countess of Grantham, are notified that King George V (Jones) and Queen Mary (James) will visit Downton Abbey as part of their royal tour through the country. The Royal Family travels with their own assemblage of staff and attendants, however, and feathers are ruffled as the families and their entourages clash.

Director: Michael Engler. Stars: Matthew Goode, Maggie Smith, Elizabeth McGovern, Tuppence Middleton, Michelle Dockery, Kate Phillips, Allen Leech, Joanne Froggatt, Hugh Bonneville, Simon Jones, Geraldine James. 2019. 122 mins. Drama.



After discovering a young escaped yeti on her apartment roof in Shanghai, Yi (Bennet) names the creature Everest. Yi gains the young Yeti's trust by hiding him from his wealthy owner, Mr. Burnish (Izzard), who seeks to exploit him, and she makes it her mission to travel across the Himalayas to reunite Everest with his family on Mount Everest. 

Directors: Jill Culton, Todd Wilderman. Stars: Chloe Bennet, Albert Tsai, Tenzing Norgay Trainor, Joseph Izzo, Eddie Izzard, Sarah Paulson. 2019. 97 mins. Animation.


Rambo: Last Blood

Having retreated to Arizona in an attempt to live a normal life, Vietnam War veteran John Rambo (Stallone) reconnects with an old friend, Maria (Barraza), and her granddaughter, Gabriela (Monreal). When traveling in Mexico to meet her biological father, Gabriela is drugged and kidnapped by a cartel, and it falls on Rambo to save Gabriela and defeat the vicious cartel.

Director: Adrian Grunberg. Stars: Sylvester Stallone, Paz Vega, Sergio Peris-Mencheta, Adriana Barraza, Yvette Monreal. 2019. 89 mins. Action.