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Rough Night

A decade after they became besties in college, four women reunite for a weekend of fun before Jess's (Johansson) wedding. The four head to Miami where, after a night of partying, they hire a stripper to visit them in the Miami house they've rented for the weekend. When Jess's friend Alice (Bell) causes an accident that kills the man, the friends panic and set off a chain of events that not only causes it to be the most insane night any of them has ever had, but also might land them all in prison.

Director: Lucia Aniello. Stars: Scarlett Johansson, Jillian Bell, ZoĆ« Kravitz, Ilana Glazer, Kate McKinnon, Paul W. Downs, Ryan Cooper, Demi Moore. 2017. 101 min. Comedy.


Megan Leavey

In this film based on a heartwarming true story, U.S. Marine Corp. Megan Leavey (Mara) is a canine handler serving in Iraq who is paired with a difficult-to-train bomb-sniffing dog named Rex. Although she's always had trouble bonding with people, Leavey forms a special bond with Rex, and together they find a number of explosive devices and save many soldiers' lives during two tours of duty. After both are wounded in an explosion, Rex is forced to retire, leading Leavey through a complicated and political process in an attempt to adopt him.

Director: Gabriela Cowperthwaite. Stars: Kate Mara, Tom Felton, Bradley Whitford, Edie Falco, Common, Damson Idris, Geraldine James. 2017. 116 min. Biography.


Band Aid

The lives of 30-somethings Anna (Lister-Jones) and Ben (Pally) seem to have reached a dead end and their marriage is suffering. During one of their profanity-laden arguments, they strike upon an idea: why not start a band and turn their arguments into songs? With their weird neighbor, Dave (Armisen), joining in as their drummer, the couple puts the idea in motion, using music as a vessel for their frustrations with each other as they dig down to discover how they can fix their struggling marriage.

Director: Zoe Lister-Jones. Stars: Zoe Lister-Jones, Adam Pally, Fred Armisen, Susie Essman, Retta, Hannah Simone, Ravi Patel, Brooklyn Decker. 2017. 91 min. Comedy.